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AuthorMyronovkij, Severyn
AuthorNegrych, Nazar
AuthorNehrych, Tetyana
AuthorTkachenko, Volodymyr
AuthorSouchelnytskyi, Serhiy
AuthorStoika, Rostyslav
AuthorKit, Yuriy
Available date2019-02-13T09:55:47Z
Publication Date2016-09-15
Publication NameProtein and Peptide Letters
CitationMyronovkij, Severyn. et al. "Identification of SER-PRO-CYS Peptide in Blood Serum of Multiple Sclerosis Patients", Protein and Peptide Letters, Volume 23, Number 9, September 2016, pp. 808-811(4)
AbstractMonitoring of multiple sclerosis (MS) requires additional molecular markers. Recently, we used original TCA-precipitation/extraction approach in combination with MALDI TOF/TOF mass-spectrometry and identified earlier unknown 48 kDa form of the unconventional myosin IC isoform b (Myo1C) in blood serum of the MS patients. Further examination of TCA-extracted fraction of blood serum of these patients by means of thin-layer chromatography and HPLC gel-filtration allowed detecting 300-500 Da peptides. MALDI TOF/TOF massspectrometry of these peptides showed that they contain Ser-Pro-Cys amino acid sequence. We discussed potential mechanisms of a release of these peptides that were earlier unknown in blood serum of the MS patients.
SponsorNPRP9-453-3-089, QU internal grants
PublisherBentham Science Publishers
Subjectblood serum
SubjectMultiple sclerosis
Medical Subject HeadingsAdult
Medical Subject HeadingsAmino Acid Sequence
Medical Subject HeadingsBiomarkers/blood
Medical Subject HeadingsCysteine/metabolism
Medical Subject HeadingsFemale
Medical Subject HeadingsHumans
Medical Subject HeadingsMale
Medical Subject HeadingsMiddle Aged
Medical Subject HeadingsMultiple Sclerosis/metabolism
Medical Subject HeadingsPeptides/blood
Medical Subject HeadingsPeptides/chemistry
Medical Subject HeadingsPeptides/isolation & purification
Medical Subject HeadingsProline/metabolism
Medical Subject HeadingsSerine/metabolism
Medical Subject HeadingsSpectrometry, Mass, Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption-Ionization
Medical Subject HeadingsTandem Mass Spectrometry
Medical Subject HeadingsYoung Adult
TitleIdentification of SER-PRO-CYS Peptide in Blood Serum of Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Issue Number9
Volume Number23

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