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Inter-rater reliability, intra-rater reliability and internal consistency of the Brisbane Evidence-Based Language Test.  Rohde, Alexia; McCracken, Molly; Worrall, Linda; Farrell, Anna; O'Halloran, Robyn; ... more authors 2020Taylor & FrancisArticle
Development and diagnostic validation of the Brisbane Evidence-Based Language Test.  Rohde, Alexia; Doi, Suhail A; Worrall, Linda; Godecke, Erin; Farrell, Anna; ... more authors 2020Taylor & FrancisArticle
MXene Nanosheets May Induce Toxic Effect on the Early Stage of Embryogenesis.  Alhussain, Hashim; Augustine, Robin; Hussein, Essraa A; Gupta, Ishita; Hasan, Anwarul; ... more authors 2020American Scientific PublishersArticle
Morphometric study of the hard palate and its relevance to dental and forensic sciences  Mustafa, Ayman G.; Tashtoush, Ayssar A.; Alshboul, Othman A.; Allouh, Mohammed Z.; Altarifi, Ahmad A.2019Hindawi LimitedArticle
Updated lower limb stature estimation equations for a South African population group  Bidmos, Mubarak A.; Brits, Desiré2020Academy of Science of South AfricaArticle
Essential Role of Sperm-Specific PLC-Zeta in Egg Activation and Male Factor Infertility: An Update.  Saleh, Alaaeldin; Kashir, Junaid; Thanassoulas, Angelos; Safieh-Garabedian, Bared; Lai, F Anthony; ... more authors 2020Frontiers MediaArticle Review
Phospholipase C zeta profiles are indicative of optimal sperm parameters and fertilisation success in patients undergoing fertility treatment.  Kashir, Junaid; Mistry, Bhavesh V; BuSaleh, Lujain; Abu-Dawas, Reema; Nomikos, Michail; ... more authors 2020wileyArticle
Cutaneous Aβ-Non-nociceptive, but Not C-Nociceptive, Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons Exhibit Spontaneous Activity in the Streptozotocin Rat Model of Painful Diabetic Neuropathy .  Djouhri, Laiche; Zeidan, Asad; Abd El-Aleem, Seham A; Smith, Trevor2020Frontiers MediaArticle
Mutual inter-regulation between iNOS and TGF-β1: Possible molecular and cellular mechanisms of iNOS in wound healing.  Abd El-Aleem, Seham A; Mohammed, Hanaa Hassanein; Saber, Entesar Ali; Embaby, Azza S; Djouhri, Laiche2020ElsevierArticle
EGFR Inhibitor Gefitinib Induces Cardiotoxicity through the Modulation of Cardiac PTEN/Akt/FoxO3a Pathway and Reactive Metabolites Formation: and Rat Studies.  Alhoshani, Ali; Alanazi, Fawaz E; Alotaibi, Moureq R; Attwa, Mohamed W; Kadi, Adnan A; ... more authors 2020American Chemical SocietyArticle
Targeting HER2 expression in cancer: New drugs and new indications.  Vranic, Semir; Gatalica, Zoran2020Association of Basic Medical Sciences of Federation of Bosnia and HerzegovinaArticle
High-Risk Human Papillomaviruses and Epstein-Barr Virus in Colorectal Cancer and Their Association with Clinicopathological Status.  Gupta, Ishita; Al Farsi, Halema; Jabeen, Ayesha; Skenderi, Faruk; Al-Thawadi, Hamda; ... more authors 2020MDPIArticle
Identification of a Histone Deacetylase: Epigenetic Impact on Host Gene Expression.  Zughaier, Susu M; Rouquette-Loughlin, Corinne E; Shafer, William M2020MDPIArticle
House dust mite-treated PAR2 over-expressor mouse: A novel model of atopic dermatitis  Smith, Leila; Gatault, Solene; Casals-Diaz, Laura; Kelly, Pamela A.; Camerer, Eric; ... more authors 2019Blackwell Publishing LtdArticle
A free terminal ileal perforation as the presenting sign of crohn’s disease in an adolescent female  Zvizdic, Z.; Zvizdic, Zlatan; Milisic, Emir; Skenderi, Faruk; Pasic, Irmina Sefic; ... more authors 2020University Clinical Hospital TuzlaArticle
E-Cigarette Liquid Provokes Significant Embryotoxicity and Inhibits Angiogenesis.  Ashour, Anas; Alhussain, Hashim; Rashid, Umar Bin; Abughazzah, Labiba; Gupta, Ishita; ... more authors 2020MDPIArticle
Penile Degloving and Dorsal Dartos Flap Rotation Surgery in the Management of Severe Isolated Penile Torsion in a 6-Year-Old Boy.  Zvizdic, Zlatan; Milisic, Emir; Vranic, Semir2020Karolinum Press , Charles UniversityArticle
Molecular Mechanisms of Adiponectin-Induced Attenuation of Mechanical Stretch-Mediated Vascular Remodeling  Ghantous, Crystal M.; Farhat, Rima; Djouhri, Laiche; Alashmar, Sarah; Anlar, Gulsen; ... more authors 2020hindawiArticle
Comparative effectiveness and safety of direct-acting oral anticoagulants (DOACS) for the reduction of recurrent venous thromboembolism in cancer patients: A protocol for systematic review and network meta-analysis using a generalized pairwise modeling methodology.  Danjuma, Mohammed Ibn-Mas'ud; Mohamed, Mouhand F H; ElShafei, Mohamad Nabil; Fatima, Haajra; Shokri, Shaikha Al; ... more authors 2020Lippincott, Williams & WilkinsArticle
Forensic utility of cranial measurements in stature reconstruction in South Africans of European descent.  Bidmos, Mubarak A; Adebesin, Abduljalil Adetola2020E Schweizerbart Science PublishersArticle

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