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A proposed framework to guide evidence synthesis practice for meta-analysis with zero-events studies  Chang, Xu; Furuya-Kanamori, Luis; Zorzela, Liliane; Lin, Lifeng; Vohra, Sunita2021ElsevierArticle
Neuronal Cell Types in the Anterior Ventral Thalamic Nucleus of the Camel.  Al-Hussain, Saleh M; Albostanji, Shaden A; Mustafa, Ayman G; Zaqout, Sami2021WileyArticle
Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Early Travel-Associated COVID-19 Cases  Marei, Reham M.; Emara, Mohamed M.; Elsaied, Omar M.; Nasrallah, Gheyath K.; Chivese, Tawanda; ... more authors 2020Frontiers MediaArticle
Identification of Co-Deregulated Genes in Urinary Bladder Cancer Using High-Throughput Methodologies  Lambrou, George I.; Vichos, Kleanthis; Koutsouris, Dimitrios; Zaravinos, Apostolos2021MDPIArticle
Estimation of sex from the metacarpal dimensions at the nutrient foramen in white South Africans  Sallie, Sameerah; Bidmos, Mubarak A.; Mazengenya, Pedzisai2020Taylor and FrancisArticle
Avoidability of drug-induced liver injury (DILI) in an elderly hospital cohort with cases assessed for causality by the updated RUCAM score  Danjuma, Mohammed Ibn Mas ud; Almasri, Hussam; Alshokri, Shaikha; Khir, Fadi Khazahia; Elmalik, Ashraf; ... more authors 2020BMCArticle
Accuracies of discriminant function equations for sex estimation using long bones of upper extremities  Bidmos, Mubarak A.; Mazengenya, Pedzisai2020SpringerArticle
Laplace approximation, penalized quasi-likelihood, and adaptive Gauss-Hermite quadrature for generalized linear mixed models: Towards meta-analysis of binary outcome with sparse data  Ju, Ke; Lin, Lifeng; Chu, Haitao; Cheng, Liang Liang; Xu, Chang2020BMCArticle
Methodological issues of systematic reviews and meta-analyses in the field of sleep medicine: A meta-epidemiological study  Xu, Chang; Furuya-Kanamori, Luis; Kwong, Joey S.W.; Li, Sheng; Liu, Yu; ... more authors 2021ElsevierArticle
Protocols for meta-analysis of intervention safety seldom specified methods to deal with rare events  You, Zhou; Zhu, Bo; Lin, Lifeng; Kwong, Joey S.W.; Xu, Chang2020ElsevierArticle Review
Arcsine-based transformations for meta-analysis of proportions: Pros, cons, and alternatives  Lin, Lifeng; Xu, Chang2020Wiley Open AccessArticle
Association between response rates and monetary incentives in sample study: a systematic review and meta-analysis.  Jia, Pengli; Furuya-Kanamori, Luis; Qin, Zong-Shi; Jia, Peng-Yan; Xu, Chang2020BMJ Publishing GroupArticle
Unexpected adrenal pheochromocytoma associated with a generalized tonic-clonic seizure in a prepubertal boy: A case report.  Zvizdic, Zlatan; Selimovic, Mirsad; Mesic, Amira; Anic, Dusko; Misanovic, Verica; ... more authors 2021Lippincott, Williams & WilkinsArticle
Many meta-analyses of rare events in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews were underpowered  Pengli, Jia; Lin, Lifeng; Kwong, Joey S.W.; Xu, Chang2021ElsevierArticle
Transethnic Transferability of a Genome-wide Polygenic Score for Coronary Artery Disease.  Fahed, Akl C; Aragam, Krishna G; Hindy, George; Chen, Yii-Der Ida; Chaudhary, Kumardeep; ... more authors 2020American Heart AssociationArticle
The MethodologicAl STandards for Epidemiological Research (MASTER) scale demonstrated a unified framework for bias assessment  Jennifer C., Stone; Glass, Kathryn; Clark, Justin; Ritskes-Hoitinga, Merel; Munn, Zachary; ... more authors 2021ElsevierArticle
Dynamic incorporation of multiple in silico functional annotations empowers rare variant association analysis of large whole-genome sequencing studies at scale  Li, Xihao; Li, Zilin; Zhou, Hufeng; Gaynor, Sheila M.; Liu, Yaowu; ... more authors 2020Nature ResearchArticle
Genome-wide polygenic score, clinical risk factors, and long-term trajectories of coronary artery disease  Hindy, George; Aragam, Krishna G.; Ng, Kenney; Chaffin, Mark; Lotta, Luca A.; ... more authors 2020American Heart AssociationArticle
Blood pressure and bladder cancer risk in men by use of survival analysis and in interaction with NAT2 genotype, and by Mendelian randomization analysis  Teleka, Stanley; Hindy, George; Drake, Isabel; Poveda, Alaitz; Melander, Olle; ... more authors 2020Public Library of ScienceArticle
Immunogenicity after pre- and post-exposure rabies vaccination: A systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis  Xu, Chang; Lau, Colleen L; Clark, Justin; Rafferty, Anna C; Mills, Deborah J; ... more authors 2021ElsevierArticle

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