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AuthorHahladakis, John N.
Available date2019-08-27T05:40:45Z
Publication Date2019-09-05
Publication NameInternational Conference on Environmental Science and Technologyen_US
CitationHahladakis, John. (2019). An overview of the plastic waste and recycling status in Qatar.
AbstractIt has been estimated that the average Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) generation rate per capita in the Gulf Co-operation countries (GCC) is approx. 1.5 kg/person/d, with Qatar reaching almost 1.4 kg/person/d, as it was recently reported, thereby ranking the Gulf States in the top places of the most waste generating countries globally. Plastics, accounting for approx. 13–14% of the total MSW (in these countries), constitute both a significant amount and a valuable resource to be recovered. In the current work, an attempt is made towards delineating the plastic waste and recycling status of the country, based on recent governmental reports.
SubjectPlastic waste
SubjectCircular economy
TitleAn overview of the plastic waste and recycling status in Qatar
TypeConference Paper

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