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AuthorDosekova, Erika
AuthorFilip, Jaroslav
AuthorBertok, Tomas
AuthorBoth, Peter
AuthorKasak, Peter
AuthorTkac, Jan
Available date2020-10-01T11:39:53Z
Publication Date2017
Publication NameMedicinal Research Reviews
AbstractThis review comprehensively covers the most recent achievements (from 2013) in the successful integration of nanomaterials in the field of glycomics. The first part of the paper addresses the beneficial properties of nanomaterials for the construction of biosensors, bioanalytical devices, and protocols for the detection of various analytes, including viruses and whole cells, together with their key characteristics. The second part of the review focuses on the application of nanomaterials integrated with glycans for various biomedical applications, that is, vaccines against viral and bacterial infections and cancer cells, as therapeutic agents, for in vivo imaging and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, and for selective drug delivery. The final part of the review describes various ways in which glycan enrichment can be effectively done using nanomaterials, molecularly imprinted polymers with polymer thickness controlled at the nanoscale, with a subsequent analysis of glycans by mass spectrometry. A short section describing an active glycoprofiling by microengines (microrockets) is covered as well.
SponsorThis publication was made possible by NPRP grant number 6-381-1-078 from the Qatar National Research Fund (a member of the Qatar Foundation)
PublisherJohn Wiley and Sons Inc.
Subjectcell tissue targeting/imaging and drug delivery
Subjectglycan enrichment and active glycoprofiling
Subjectglycan sensing
Subjectglycan-based vaccines/therapeutics
TitleNanotechnology in Glycomics: Applications in Diagnostics, Therapy, Imaging, and Separation Processes
TypeArticle Review
Issue Number3
Volume Number37

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