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The Role of Key Impurity Elements on the Performance of Aluminium Electrolysis -Current Efficiency and Metal Quality  Al-Mejali, Jassim Ali; Haarberg, Geir Martin; Bensalah, Nasr; Benkahla, Ben-Aissa; Lange, Hans Petter2016wileyBook chapter
Sensitive detection and glycoprofiling of a prostate specific antigen using impedimetric assays  Pihíková, D.; Belicky, Š.; Kasák, P.; Bertok, T.; Tkac, J.2016Royal Society of ChemistryArticle
The Performance of Aluminium Electrolysis in A Low Temperature Electrolyte System  Cui, Peng; Solheim, Asbjørn; Haarberg, Geir Martin2016wileyBook chapter
NMR spectroscopy of polymer nanocomposites  Sadasivuni, Kishor Kumar; Cabibihan, John John; Al-Maadeed, Mariam Ali SA2016Elsevier Inc.Book chapter
Spectroscopy-introducing the advantages and application areas in polymer nanocomposites  Ponnamma, Deepalekshmi; Rouxel, Didier; Thomas, Sabu2016Elsevier Inc.Book chapter
Spectroscopy of Polymer Nanocomposites  Thomas, Sabu; Rouxel, Didier; Ponnamma, Deepalekshmi2016Elsevier Inc.Book
Effect of sintering temperature on the structural and magnetic properties of MgFe2O4 ceramics prepared by spark plasma sintering  Penchal Reddy, M.; Shakoor, R.A.; Mohamed, A.M.A.; Gupta, M.; Huang, Q.2016Elsevier LtdArticle
Synergistic effect of vanadium pentoxide and graphene oxide in polyvinyl alcohol for energy storage application  Deshmukh, Kalim; Ahamed, M. Basheer; Deshmukh, Rajendra R.; Khadheer Pasha, S.K.; Sadasivuni, Kishor Kumar; ... more authors 2016Elsevier LtdArticle
Electrodeposition of 70-30 Cu-Ni nanocomposite coatings for enhanced mechanical and corrosion properties  Thurber, Casey R.; Ahmad, Yahia H.; Sanders, Stephen F.; Al-Shenawa, Amaal; D'Souza, Nandika; ... more authors 2016ElsevierArticle
Solvent Uptake of Liquid Rubber Toughened Epoxy/Clay Nanocomposites  Vijayan, P. P.; Harikrishnan, M. G.; Puglia, D.; Vijayan, P. P.; Kenny, J. M.; ... more authors 2016John Wiley and Sons Inc.Article
Preparation and characterization of urea-formaldehyde microcapsules filled with paraffin oil  Fayyad, Eman M.; Almaadeed, Mariam A.; Jones, Alan2016Springer VerlagArticle
Tailoring of the thermal, mechanical and dielectric properties of the polypropylene foams using gamma-irradiation  Mrl�k, Miroslav; Al Maadeed, Mariam Al Ali2016Elsevier LtdArticle
Influence of graphene oxide on mechanical, morphological, barrier, and electrical properties of polymer membranes  Ammar, Ali; Al-Enizi, Abdullah M.; AlMaadeed, Mariam Al Ali; Karim, Alamgir2016ElsevierArticle Review
Carbon/nitrogen-doped TiO2: New synthesis route, characterization and application for phenol degradation  Abdullah, Aboubakr M.; Al-Thani, Noora J.; Tawbi, Khouloud; Al-Kandari, H.2016ElsevierArticle
A comparative study on the performance of hybrid solar cells containing ZnSTe QDs in hole transporting layer and photoactive layer  Najeeb, Mansoor Ani; Abdullah, Shahino Mah; Aziz, Fakhra; Ahmad, Zubair; Shakoor, R. A.; ... more authors 2016Springer NetherlandsArticle
Corrosion protection of electrospun PVDF-ZnO superhydrophobic coating  Radwan, A. Bahgat; Mohamed, Adel M.A.; Abdullah, Aboubakr M.; Al-Maadeed, Mariam A.2016Elsevier B.V.Article
Propagation rate coefficient for sulfobetaine monomers by PLP-SEC  Lacík, Igor; Sobolčiak, Patrik; Stach, Marek; Chorvát, Dušan; Kasák, Peter2016Elsevier LtdArticle
Thermal characterization of phase change materials based on linear low-density polyethylene, paraffin wax and expanded graphite  Sobolciak, Patrik; Karkri, Mustapha; Al-Maadeed, Mariam A.; Krupa, Igor2016Elsevier LtdArticle
Assessment of microstructural and mechanical properties of hybrid fibrous self-consolidating concretes using ingredients of plastic wastes  G., Ozerkan N.; G., Tokgoz D.D.; S., Kowita O.; J., Antony S.2016Technoscience PublicationsArticle
Study of π-conjugation effect of organic semiconductors on their optical parameters  Ahmad, Zubair; Zafar, Qayyum; Touati, Farid; Shakoor, R.A.; Al-Thani, N.J.2016Elsevier B.V.Article

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