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Motorcyclists’ Safety on Expressways: Subjective and Objective Evaluations  Suzuk, Koji; Alhajyaseen, Wael K. M.; Imada, Kazuki; Dias, Charitha2019Springer Berlin HeidelbergArticle
An integrative bioinformatics pipeline to demonstrate the alteration of the interaction between the ALDH2*2 allele with NAD and Disulfiram.  J, Christy Priyadharshini; D, Thirumal Kumar; P, Sneha; R, Siva; W, Charles Emmanuel Jebaraj; C, George Priya Doss; Zayed, Hatem2019WileyArticle
Clinical, biochemical, neuroradiological and molecular characterization of Egyptian patients with glutaric acidemia type 1.  Zayed, Hatem; El Khayat, Hamed; Tomoum, Hoda; Khalifa, Ola; Siddiq, Ehab; Mohammad, Shaimaa A; Gamal, Radwa; Shi, Zumin; Mosailhy, Ahmed; Zaki, Osama K2019SpringerArticle
Effects of bi-directional pedestrian flow characteristics upon the capacity of signalized crosswalks  Alhajyaseen W.K.M.; Nakamura H.; Asano M.2011Elsevier LtdConference Paper
Quality of pedestrian flow and crosswalk width at signalized intersections  Alhajyaseen W.K.M.; Nakamura H.2010ElsevierArticle
Analysis and Modeling of Pedestrian Crossing Behavior during the Pedestrian Flashing Green Interval  Iryo-Asano M.; Alhajyaseen W.K.M.; Nakamura H.2015Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Article
Analysis of pedestrian clearance time at signalized crosswalks in Japan  Iryo-Asano M.; Alhajyaseen W.K.M.2014ElsevierConference Paper
The Integration of Conflict Probability and Severity for the Safety Assessment of Intersections  Alhajyaseen W.K.M.2015Springer VerlagArticle
The development of conflict index for the safety assessment of intersections considering crash probability and severity  Alhajyaseen W.K.M.2014ElsevierConference Paper
Stochastic approach for modeling the effects of intersection geometry on turning vehicle paths  Alhajyaseen W.K.M.; Asano M.; Nakamura H.; Tan D.M.2013Elsevier LtdArticle
Development of microscopic traffic simulation model for safety assessment at signalized intersections  Tan D.; Alhajyaseen W.; Asano M.; Nakamura H.2012National Research CouncilArticle
Left-turn gap acceptance models considering pedestrian movement characteristics  Alhajyaseen W.K.M.; Asano M.; Nakamura H.2013ElsevierArticle
Estimation of left-turning vehicle maneuvers for the assessment of pedestrian safety at intersections  Alhajyaseen W.K.M.; Asano M.; Nakamura H.2012ElsevierArticle
The effectiveness of applying dynamic lane assignment at all approaches of signalized intersection  Alhajyaseen W.K.M.; Najjar M.; Ratrout N.T.; Assi K.2017Elsevier LtdArticle
An overview of pedestrian signal setting and implementation in the State of Qatar  Muley D.; Alhajyaseen W.; Kharbeche M.2017Elsevier B.V.Conference Paper
Modeling pedestrian crossing speed profiles considering speed change behavior for the safety assessment of signalized intersections  Iryo-Asano M.; Alhajyaseen W.K.M.2017Elsevier LtdArticle
The Integration of Dynamic Lane Grouping Technique and Signal Timing Optimization for Improving the Mobility of Isolated Intersections  Alhajyaseen W.K.M.; Ratrout N.T.; Assi K.J.; Hassan A.A.2017Springer VerlagArticle
Consideration of a Pedestrian Speed Change Model in the Pedestrian-Vehicle Safety Assessment of Signalized Crosswalks  Iryo-Asano M.; Alhajyaseen W.2017Elsevier B.V.Conference Paper
Usage of Non-Linear Regression for Modeling the Behavior of Motor Vehicle Crash Fatality (MVF) Rate  Abdella G.M.; Alhajyaseen W.; Al-Khalifa K.N.; Hamouda A.M.2017IEOM SocietyConference Paper
Pedestrians' Crossing Behavior at Marked Crosswalks on Channelized Right-Turn Lanes at Intersections  Muley D.; Kharbeche M.; Alhajyaseen W.; Al-Salem M.2017Elsevier B.V.Conference Paper

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