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AuthorSiddique, Saif
AuthorGowda, Chinmayee Chowde
AuthorDemiss, Solomon
AuthorTromer, Raphael
AuthorPaul, Sourav
AuthorSadasivuni, Kishor Kumar
AuthorOlu, Emmanuel Femi
AuthorChandra, Amreesh
AuthorKochat, Vidya
AuthorGalvao, Douglas S.
AuthorKumbhakar, Partha
AuthorMishra, Rohan
AuthorAjayan, Pulickel M.
AuthorTiwary, Chandra Sekhar
Available date2022-03-23T06:35:44Z
Publication Date2021
Publication NameMaterials Today
AbstractTwo-dimensional (2D) materials are at the forefront of current materials research due to their exciting and unique properties. 2D tellurides are emerging materials which are yet to be fully explored. To provide an overview of this emergent field, in this review, we discuss the structure, properties, synthesis methods, and applications of selected 2D tellurides, with stoichiometry of MxTey, and MxNyTez, (M, N are metal atoms). We present a summary of the latest advances in modeling, experimental synthesis, and characterization of 2D tellurides. Additionally, stress and strain-induced tunability of the physical properties have been reviewed, with a focus on the application of 2D tellurides in electronic, optoelectronic, and magnetic devices. We have discussed many emergent quantum properties of these materials. Finally, we conclude with a perspective on the future of 2D metal tellurides.
SponsorP.K. and C.S.T. acknowledge AOARD (Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development) grant no. FA2386-19-1-4039. C.S.T. acknowledges Ramanujan fellowship and core research grant of SERB, India. CST acknowledges the funding received from STARS project by MHRD, India. R.M. was supported through the National Science Foundation under grant number DMREF CBET-1729787.
PublisherElsevier B.V.
Subject2D tellurides
Charge density waves
Thermoelectric property
Topological properties
Weyl semimetals
TitleEmerging two-dimensional tellurides
TypeArticle Review
Volume Number51

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