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Spatialization in working memory is related to literacy and reading direction: Culture “literarily” directs our thoughts  Guida A.; Megreya A.M.; Lavielle-Guida M.; No�l Y.; Mathy F.; van Dijck J.-P.; Abrahamse E.2018Elsevier B.V.Article
Selected psychiatric problems among college students in two Arab countries: Comparison with the USA  Kronfol Z.; Khalifa B.; Khoury B.; Omar O.; Daouk S.; de Witt J.P.; El Azab N.; Eisenberg D.2018BioMed Central Ltd.Article
Editorial: Face Recognition Difficulties in Children: Hits and/or Correct Rejections?  Megreya, Ahmed M2015OMICS InternationalArticle
An Investigation into the Lifestyle, Health Habits and Risk Factors of Young Adults  Al-Nakeeb, Yahya; Lyons, Mark; Dodd, Lorna J.; Al-Nuaim, Anwar2015MDPI AGArticle
Self-reported psychopathy in the Middle East: a cross-national comparison across Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United States  Latzman, Robert D.; Megreya, Ahmed M.; Hecht, Lisa K.; Miller, Joshua D.; Winiarski, D. Anne; Lilienfeld, Scott O.2015BioMed CentralArticle
Do Diacritical Marks Play a Role at the Early Stages of Word Recognition in Arabic?  Perea, Manuel; Abu Mallouh, Reem; Mohammed, Ahmed; Khalifa, Batoul; Carreiras, Manuel2016Frontiers MediaArticle
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Challenges and tensions  Keller, Clayton; Al-Hendawi, Maha; Anastasiou, Dimitris2014SAGE Publications Inc.Book chapter
Cross-national differences in special education coverage: An empirical analysis  Anastasiou, Dimitris; Keller, Clayton E.2014Council for Exceptional ChildrenArticle
Giving fathers a voice: Towards father involvement in early years settings  Ihmeideh, Fathi Mahmoud2014Taylor & FrancisArticle
Relationship between perceived and observed student-centred learning environments in Qatari elementary mathematics and science classrooms  Knight, Stephanie L.; Parker, Dawn; Zimmerman, Whitney; Ikhlief, Atman2014Springer NetherlandsArticle
Neoliberalism and Qatari preschools: A comparative study of England and Qatar  Al-Thani, Tamader; Romanowski, Michael2013Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation JournalsArticle
Qatar’s Educational Reform: The Experiences and Perceptions of Principals, Teachers and Parents  Romanowski, Michael H.; Ellili-Cherif, Maha; Al Ammari, Badria; Al Attiya, Asma2013Macrothink InstituteArticle
Early years education in Qatar: The good practice guide in theory and practice  Al-Thani, Tamader; Al-Muftah, Esraa; Romanowski, Michael H.; Coughlin, Chris; Abuelhassan, Hadeel2016Consortia Academia PublishingArticle
Effect Of Learner-centered Professional Development On Teaching Behaviors In Qatari Elementary Math And Science Classrooms  Ikhlef, Atmane2014QScienceConference Paper
Academic procrastination and its relation to motivation and self-efficacy: The case of Qatari primary school students  Al-Attiyah, A.2010Common Ground PublishingArticle
What Mothers Know About Child Development and Parenting in Qatar: Parenting Cognitions and Practices  Al-Maadadi, Fatima; Ikhlef, Atmane2014SAGE PublicationsArticle
Investigating the Relationship Between Professional Development and Student-Centered Learning Environments in Qatari Math and Science Elementary Classrooms  Knight, Stephanie L.; Parker, Dawn; Zimmerman, Whitney; Ikhlef, Atmane2012Conference Paper
Conditions for Student-Centered Teaching and Learning: Relationship Between Classroom Processes and School Achievement of Curriculum Standards  Ikhlef, Atman; Knight, Stephanie L.2011Conference Paper
An Investigation of Math and Science Teaching and Learning in Qatari Independent Elementary Schools  KNIGHT, STEPHANIE; IKHLEF, ATMANE; PARKER, DAWN; JOSHI, MALATESHA; ESLAMI, ZOHREH R.; SADIQ, HISSA M.; AL-AHRAF, MUBARKA; AL SAAI, AHMAD2011Peter LangBook chapter
Conditions for student-centered teaching and learning in Qatari elementary math and science classrooms: Relationship between classroom processes and achievement of curriculum standards  Ikhlef, Atmane; Knight, Stephanie L.2013Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation JournalsArticle

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