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AuthorHafiz, Mhd Ammar
AuthorHawari, Alaa H.
AuthorYasir, Ahmed T.
AuthorAlfahel, Radwan
AuthorHassan, Mohammad K.
AuthorAltaee, Ali
Available date2023-02-02T04:34:12Z
Publication Date2020
Publication NameDesalination and Water Treatment
AbstractThis study evaluates the performance of sand filtration (SF) and ultra-filtration (UF) as pretreat-ment processes for reverse osmosis (RO) for seawater with turbidities of 4.8, 23.2, and 99.7 NTU. For seawater with a turbidity of 4.8 and 23.2 NTU, the average membrane flux and the water recovery rate in the RO process did not improve significantly by pretreating the seawater using SF or UF. However, when the turbidity of seawater was 99.7 NTU, pretreating the seawater with UF improved the average membrane flux and the water recovery rate in the RO process by 5 LMH and 1.7%, respectively. Pretreatment of seawater with a turbidity of 99.7 NTU with UF reduces the specific energy demand and increases the average membrane flux and water recovery rate.
SponsorThis research is made possible by NPRP award (NPRP10-0117-170176) from Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF). The statements made herein are solely the responsibility of the authors. In addition, the authors wish to thank Qatar Foundation for the financial support provided to one of the co-authors through a graduate sponsorship research award (GSRA6-1-0509-19021). We would also like to thank Central Laboratories Unit (CLU) for generating the SEM images.
PublisherDesalination Publications
Reverse osmosis
Sand filtration
Turbidity removal
TitleImpact of high turbidity on reverse osmosis: Evaluation of pretreatment processes
Volume Number208

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