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AuthorTalhami, Mohammed
AuthorMussa, Afnan A.
AuthorThaher, Mahmoud Ibrahim
AuthorDas, Probir
AuthorAbouelela, Aida Rafat
AuthorHawari, Alaa H.
Available date2023-05-23T09:39:13Z
Publication Date2023
Publication NameBiochemical Engineering Journal
AbstractThe valorization of lipids available in microalgal biomass supports the indispensable transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy systems such as biofuels. Ionic liquids have been long investigated for the effective extraction of those lipids, however; the complex and expensive synthesis of traditional ionic liquids (i.e., >$50/kg) hindered their employment in commercial applications. Protic ionic liquids are a class of ionic liquids that possess a simple method of preparation and a low cost of around $1-3/kg, rendering them viable for industrial implementation. This study investigates, for the first time, the deployment of protic ionic liquids with methanol co-solvent for the extraction of lipids from Coelastrella sp. and Haematococcus sp. microalgae. The treatment process focused on the use of N,N,N-dimethyl-butylammonium hydrogen sulfate due to its high lipid extraction performance of 323.3 mg lipids/g biomass from Coelastrella sp. (81% of available lipids) compared to other screened ionic liquids. Process parameters such as temperature, time, and ionic liquid to methanol mass ratio exhibited a key impact on the lipid yield. The fatty acid profile of the extracted lipids from Coelastrella sp. demonstrated suitability to produce biofuels. The treatment has also shown selectivity in extracting lipids while leaving behind a protein/carbohydrate rich solid residue. The results obtained suggest that protic ionic liquids are promising candidates for the cost-effective and eco-friendly treatment of microalgal biomass. 2023 Elsevier B.V.
SponsorThe authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support provided by Qatar National Research Fund , research grant ( PDRA6-0602-20007 ). The authors would like to express their appreciation for Dr. Touria Bounnit from the department for sustainable development at Qatar University for doing the GC-FID analysis. The statements made herein are solely the responsibility of the authors.
Biomass treatment
Ionic liquids
Lipid extraction
TitleEfficient extraction of lipids from microalgal biomass for the production of biofuels using low-cost protic ionic solvents
Volume Number194

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