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AuthorHawari, Alaa H.
AuthorAlkhatib, Afnan M.
AuthorDas, Probir
AuthorThaher, Mahmoud
AuthorBenamor, Abdelbaki
Available date2023-05-23T09:39:14Z
Publication Date2020
Publication NameJournal of Environmental Management
AbstractIn this study, a new electrocoagulation electrode configuration has been investigated in order to induce dielectrophoretic (DEP) force for the enhanced harvesting of marine microalgae (Tetraselmis sp.). Asymmetrical aluminum electrodes with an alternative current power supply were used. The impact of electrode configuration, current density and electrolysis time were evaluated. A maximum algal harvesting efficiency of 90.9% was achieved using 7.1 mA/cm2 current density and 10 min electrolysis time. The energy consumption was found to be 4.62 kWh/kg of microalgae. The major significance of using the new electrode configuration was found in the aluminum content in the harvested biomass which decreased by 52% compared to the conventional symmetrical electrocoagulation electrodes. 2020 Elsevier Ltd
SponsorThe authors would like to thank Qatar University for the provided financial support. The authors would also like to thank the Center for Sustainable Development at Qatar University for providing the marine microalgae species.
SubjectAlternating current
Aluminum accumulation
Dielectrophoresis (DEP)
Marine microalgae
TitleEffect of the induced dielectrophoretic force on harvesting of marine microalgae (Tetraselmis sp.) in electrocoagulation
Volume Number260

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