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AuthorCzanikova, Klaudia
AuthorOmastova, Maria
AuthorKrupa, Igor
AuthorKasak, Peter
AuthorPavlova, Ewa
AuthorChorvat Jr., Dusan
EditorBhowon, Minu Gupta
EditorJhaumeer-Laulloo, Sabina
EditorWah, Henry Li Kam
EditorRamasami, Ponnadurai
Available date2016-05-26T12:20:50Z
Publication Date2014
Publication NameChemistry: The Key to our Sustainable Future
CitationCzanikova, K., Omastova, M., Krupa, I., Kasak, P., Pavlova, E., Chorvat, D., Jr. "Elastomeric actuators based on ethylene-vinyl acetate and carbon nanotubes" (2014) Chemistry: The Key to our Sustainable Future, pp. 1-14.
AbstractThe development of new types of visual-aid tablet for visually impaired people requires the development of cheap, but still very effective photoactuating materials. This requirement can be satisfied by the use of new kind of elastomers filled by nanofillers, such as carbon nanotubes. Nanocomposites based on commercial ethylene vinyl-acetate (EVA) copolymer and multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) were prepared by casting from solution. The non-covalent surface modification of MWCNT was carried out by special, newly synthesized compatibilizer cholesteryl 1-pyrenecarboxylate (PyChol). In order to mimic Braille character, special home-built silicone punch and die moulds were used. The Brailleelement based on EVA/MWCNT-PyChol composite displays reversible, multiple changes of dimension in thedirection of the irradiation during/upon illumination by red and blue light-emitted diode (LED). Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) showed a good dispersion of the MWCNT-PyChol within the matrix. The Braille element behaviour under illumination was analysed by atomic force microscopy (AFM) and by nanoindentor. Nanoindentor, even if the purpose of its original use is different, can be effectively applied for the determination of the actuation stroke, the sample dimensional changes in the directionof irradiation.
PublisherSpringer Netherlands
SubjectSustainable development
SubjectInorganic chemistry
SubjectOrganic chemistry
Subjecttheoretical and computational chemistry
TitleElastomeric actuators based on ethylene-vinyl acetate and carbon nanotubes
TypeBook chapter
Paginationpp 1-14

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