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AuthorHasan, Anwarul
AuthorByambaa, Batzaya
AuthorMorshed, Mahboob
AuthorCheikh, Mohammad Ibrahim
AuthorShakoor, Rana Abdul
AuthorMustafy, Tanvir
AuthorMarei, Hany E
Available date2018-07-02T05:09:18Z
Publication Date2018-04-27
Publication NameJournal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicineen_US
CitationHasan, Anwarul, Byambaa, Batzaya, Morshed, Mahboob, Cheikh, Mohammad Ibrahim, Shakoor, Rana Abdul, Mustafy, Tanvir, Marei, Hany E. (2018). Advances in osteobiologic materials for bone substitutes. Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, 12(6), 1448-1468. doi:10.1002/term.2677
AbstractA significant challenge in the current orthopedics is the development of suitable osteobiologic materials that can replace the conventional allografts, autografts, and xenografts and thereby serve as implant materials as bone substitutes for bone repair or remodelling. The complex biology behind the nanostructure and microstructure of bones and their repair mechanisms, which involve various types of chemical and biomechanical signalling amongst different cells, has set strong requirements for biomaterials to be used in bone tissue engineering. This review presents an overview of various types of osteobiologic materials to facilitate the formation of the functional bone tissue and healing of the bone, covering metallic, ceramic, polymeric, and cell-based graft substitutes, as well as some biomolecular strategies including stem cells, extracellular matrices, growth factors, and gene therapies. Advantages and disadvantages of each type, particularly from the perspective of osteoinductive and osteoconductive capabilities, are discussed. Although the numerous challenges of bone regeneration in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine are yet to be entirely addressed, further advancements in osteobiologic materials will pave the way towards engineering fully functional bone replacement grafts.
SponsorQatar National Research Fund, Grant/Award Number: NPRP 9‐144‐3‐021
PublisherJohn Wiley and Sons
Subjectbiology of bone
Subjectbone graft substitutes
Subjecttissue engineering
TitleAdvances in osteobiologic materials for bone substitutes.
TypeArticle Review
Issue Number6
Volume Number12

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