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AuthorLuyt, A.S.
AuthorSkipina, B.
AuthorCsoka, L.
AuthorDudic, D.
Available date2018-07-03T08:34:44Z
Publication Date2018-05
Publication NameWood Science and Technologyen_US
CitationLuyt, A. S., Škipina, B., Csóka, L., & Dudić, D. (2018). Charge-trapping capability and AC conductivity at different humidities of poly (ethyleneimine)–TiO 2–anthocyanin-modified cellulose fibres. Wood Science and Technology, 52(3), 637-651.
AbstractModified cellulose materials are finding increasing application in electronics, because of the need for more environmental-friendly electronic circuits. The papers prepared from poly(ethyleneimine)–TiO2–anthocyanin-modified cellulose fibres are completely environmentally friendly and can be applied to the construction of photocells or photo-/humidity sensors. To better understand the mechanisms of electrical conductivity of the said cellulose composites, the effect of humidity (RH = 9% → 100%) on its dielectric properties is presented in this article. The possibility of trapping the negative and positive charges in the composite under different humidity conditions is also examined. A large number of studies suggest that proton conductivity, stimulated by humidity, is the dominant mechanism of electrical conductivity in cellulose-based materials. The results presented in this paper indicate that the electronic conductivity mechanisms also play a significant role in papers prepared from poly(ethyleneimine)–TiO2–anthocyanin-modified cellulose fibres.
SponsorThis work was supported in part by the Ministry of Education and Science, Republic of Serbia (Project Nos. 171029), and by the environment conscious energy efficient building TAMOP-4.2.2.A–11/1/KONV-2012-0068 project sponsored by the EU and European Social Foundation, and in part by the National Research Foundation, South Africa (Grant No. 88301).
PublisherSpringer Verlag
SubjectAC conductivity
SubjectModified Cellulose
SubjectCellulose Fibres
Subjectcharge trapping
SubjectDifferent Humidities
Subjectanthocyanin modified
TitleCharge-trapping capability and AC conductivity at different humidities of poly(ethyleneimine)-TiO2-anthocyanin modified cellulose fibres.
Issue Number3
Volume Number52

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