Bordetella pertussis risA, but not risS, is required for maximal expression of Bvg-repressed genes

Show simple item record Stenson, Trevor H. en_US Allen, Andrew G. en_US Al-Meer, Jehan A. en_US Maskell, Duncan, 1961- en_US Peppler, Mark S. en_US
date.accessioned 2009-12-28T15:20:20Z en_US
date.available 2009-12-28T15:20:20Z en_US
date.issued 2005-09 en_US
identifier.citation Infection and Immunity, September 2005, p. 5995-6004, Vol. 73, No. 9 en_US
identifier.issn 0019-9567 (Print) en_US
identifier.issn 1098-5522 (Online)
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description.abstract Expression of virulence determinants by Bordetella pertussis, the primary etiological agent of whooping cough, is regulated by the BvgAS two-component regulatory system. The role of a second two-component regulatory system, encoded by risAS, in this process is not defined. Here, we show that mutation of B. pertussis risA does not affect Bvg-activated genes or proteins. However, mutation of risA resulted in greatly diminished expression of Bvg-repressed antigens and decreased transcription of Bvg-repressed genes. In contrast, mutation of risS had no effect on the expression of Bvg-regulated molecules. Mutation of risA also resulted in decreased bacterial invasion in a HeLa cell model. However, decreased invasion could not be attributed to the decreased expression of Bvg-repressed products, suggesting that mutation of risA may affect the expression of a variety of genes. Unlike the risAS operons in B. parapertussis and B. bronchiseptica, B. pertussis risS is a pseudogene that encodes a truncated RisS sensor. Deletion of the intact part of the B. pertussis risS gene does not affect the expression of risA-dependent, Bvg-repressed genes. These observations suggest that RisA activation occurs through cross-regulation by a heterologous system. en_US
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publisher American Society for Microbiology en_US
title Bordetella pertussis risA, but not risS, is required for maximal expression of Bvg-repressed genes en_US
type Article en_US

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