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    Tail Fracture Planes of Autotomy in Geckos  Abdel Karim, Ahmed E. [احمد السيد عبد الكريم]1993Qatar UniversityArticle
    Tail Regeneration after Autotomy in the Geckonid Lizard Bunopus Tuberculatus  Abdel Karim, Ahmed E. [احمد السيد عبد الكريم]; Michael, Milad I.1993Qatar UniversityArticle
    A Tale of two cities and the Abbassid Caliphate 132- 656 /750 - 1258  Al Bili, Osman Sid Ahmed Ismail1994Qatar UniversityArticle
    Teach Education: Preparing for the twenty-first century  Kazem, Mohamed I.1983Qatar UniversityArticle
    Teacher Evaluation  Tolefat, Saleh1987Qatar UniversityArticle
    The teaching of language functions as systematic objective based aproach  El Fadil, Hamed El Nil; حمد النيل الفاضل1985Qatar UniversityArticle
    The teaching of new language items  Al Fadil, Hamed El Nil1984Qatar UniversityArticle
    Teaching Structural Steel Design Using Mathcad Program  Senouci, Ahmed B.2000Qatar UniversityArticle
    Tectonic Setting and Petrogenetic Evolution of Wadi Erier Rocks, South Eastern Desert, Egypt  El Nisr, Said. A. [سعيد عبد الرزاق النسر]2003Qatar UniversityArticle
    Temperature-salinity structure and mixed layer in the Western Mediterranean Sea  Saad, N. N. [نبيل نصر الدين سعد]1997Qatar UniversityArticle
    Tenure choice and homeownership: An application to jeddah housing market  Diyab, Abdulaziz Ahmad1992Qatar UniversityArticle
    Testing positive and negative language transfer through the use of factor analysis  El Fadil, Hamed El Nil [حمد النيل الفاضل]1990Qatar UniversityArticle
    THE INTERLINGUAL ERRORS OF ARAB STUDENTS IN THE USE OF ENGLISH BINOMIALS  Mohamed, Abdul minam Mahmod [عبد المنعم محمود محمد]2003Qatar UniversityArticle
    Then love - devouring death do what he dare: the immeasurable margin in Romeo and Juliet.  Kinghorn, A. M.1986Qatar UniversityArticle
    Theory and Computations for Systems Modeled By First Order Differential Equations  Al Khaled, Kamel [كامل الخالد]2000Qatar UniversityArticle
    There's something in't that is deceivable: 'present mirth' and 'what’s top come' in Twelfth Night  Kinghorn, A. M.1984Qatar UniversityArticle
    Thermal Acclimation In The Resting Metabolism Of The Nocturnal Gecko, Hemidactylus Flaviviridis  Zari, Talal A. [طلال علي زارع]1996Qatar UniversityArticle
    Thermal and catalytic cracking of petroleum residue oil  Syamsuddin. Y.; Hameed, B. H.; Zakaria, R.; Muhamed, A. R.2005Qatar UniversityArticle
    Thermal and Optical Radiation Effects on LEH  Al Fahhad, Marwan. A. [مروان الفهد]2003Qatar UniversityArticle
    Thermogravimetry and infrared spectroscopy Of Moroccan oil shales in an oxidative Dynamic atmosphere  Lamribah, A [ا. لامريبح]; Jayaweera, S. A. A.; Belkbir, L.1994Qatar UniversityArticle