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AuthorSher, Gulab
AuthorSalman, Nadia Aziz
AuthorKhan, Abdul Q
AuthorPrabhu, Kirti S
AuthorRaza, Afsheen
AuthorKulinski, Michal
AuthorDermime, Said
AuthorHaris, Mohammad
AuthorJunejo, Kulsoom
AuthorUddin, Shahab
Available date2020-09-14T11:06:19Z
Publication Date2020-08-01
Publication NameSeminars in Cancer Biologyen_US
CitationGulab Sher, Seminars in Cancer Biology,
AbstractThe global burden of breast cancer (BC) is increasing significantly. This trend is caused by several factors such as late diagnosis, limited treatment options for certain BC subtypes, drug resistance which all lead to poor clinical outcomes. Recent research has reported the role of epigenetic alterations in the mechanism of BC pathogenesis and its hallmarks include drug resistance and stemness features. The understanding of these modifications and their significance in the management of BC carcinogenesis is challenging and requires further attention. Nevertheless, it promises to provide novel insight needed for utilizing these alterations as potential diagnostic, prognostic markers, predict treatment efficacy, as well as therapeutic agents. This highlights the importance of continuing research development to further advance the existing knowledge on epigenetics and BC carcinogenesis to overcome the current challenges. Hence, this review aims to shed light and discuss the current state of epigenetics research in the diagnosis and management of BC.
SponsorThe authors acknowledge Qatar National Library fund for supporting the publication.
SubjectBreast cancer
SubjectDNA methylation
SubjectEpigenetic drugs
TitleEpigenetic and breast cancer therapy: Promising diagnostic and therapeutic applications.
TypeArticle Review

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