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AuthorAmr, Muna
AuthorAl-Natour, Mayada
AuthorAl-Abdallat, Bassam
AuthorAlkhamra, Hatem
Available date2021-07-01T05:48:07Z
Publication Date2016
Publication NameInternational Journal of Special Education
AbstractThis study explores teachers' knowledge and attitudes toward the inclusion of students with special education needs (SEN) in mainstream schools in Jordan. It also examines the barriers the teachers perceived to hinder successful inclusions. The study sample consisted of 87 primary school teachers who responded to an open-ended questionnaire asking about their knowledge, experiences, attitudes and barriers toward inclusion. Teachers' responses were qualitatively analyzed with the guidance of the research questions. Findings showed that teachers do not have enough and appropriate knowledge about inclusion due to the lack of preparation they received in their teacher education programs. Teachers also have negative attitudes toward the inclusion of students with special needs (SEN) attributed to various barriers. These barriers included the negative attitudes of the students and schools staff toward students with special needs, underprepared school environment, unsuitable curriculum and evaluation modules and lack of family and society's support. The study concluded that without changing the infrastructure of the educational system where all necessary components to build inclusive education are accounted for, inclusion will remain an unrealistic idea.
PublisherInternational Journal of Special Education
SubjectForeign Countries
SubjectKnowledge Level
SubjectTeacher Attitudes
SubjectRegular and Special Education Relationship
SubjectElementary School Teachers
SubjectNegative Attitudes
SubjectStudent Attitudes
SubjectSchool Personnel
SubjectEducational Environment
SubjectSocial Influences
SubjectFamily Influence
TitlePrimary school teachers' knowledge, attitudes and views on barriers to inclusion in Jordan
Issue Number1
Volume Number31

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