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    The communicative function of public spaces  Miladi N.2018Taylor and FrancisBook Chapter
    The cultural significance of Italian migrants’ houses built in Brisbane, Australia  Faggion L.; Furlan R.2018Locke Science Publishing Company Inc.Article
    The current assessment of foreign direct investment in the Middle East and North African region  Al-Khouri, Ritab2014Inderscience PublishersArticle
    The development of the first Qatar National Museum  Al-Mulla, Mariam Ibrahim2014Ashgate Publishing Ltd.Book chapter
    The Dynamic and Dependence of Takaful and Conventional Stock Return Behaviours: Evidence from the Insurance Industry in Saudi Arabia  BenlaghaN.; HemritW.2018Springer New York LLCArticle
    The dynamic interaction effects of railway tunnels: Crossrail and the Grand Central Recording Studios  Brookes D.; Hamad W.I.; Talbot J.P.; Hunt H.E.M.; Hussein M.F.M.2018SAGE Publications LtdArticle
    The effect of electro spinning parameters on polystyrene nano fiber morphology: Oil-water separation  Bhadra J.; Al-Thani N.J.; Abdulkareem A.2018Desalination PublicationsArticle
    The effectiveness of applying dynamic lane assignment at all approaches of signalized intersection  Alhajyaseen W.K.M.; Najjar M.; Ratrout N.T.; Assi K.2017Elsevier LtdArticle
    The Effects of Islam’s Sociocognitive Transformation on Female Rights and Roles
    Alternative Title: الآثار المترتبة على التحول الإسلامي المعرفي الاجتماعي على أدوار المرأة وحقوقها 
    Hilal, Huda Mohammad Hassan;  هلال، هدى محمد حسن2019Qatar UniversityArticle
    The effects of physical training on quality of life, aerobic capacity, and cardiac function in older patients with heart failure: A meta-analysis  Slimani M.; Ramirez-Campillo R.; Paravlic A.; Hayes L.D.; Bragazzi N.L.; ... more authors 2018Frontiers Media S.A.Review Article
    The effects of second language on ethical judgement in accounting  Saadullah, Shahriar M.; Abushawish, Zaki; Zeitun, Rami2014InderscienceArticle
    The experiences of implementing generic medicine policy in eight countries: A review and recommendations for a successful promotion of generic medicine use  Hassali, Mohamed Azmi; Alrasheedy, Alian A.; McLachlan, Andrew; Nguyen, Tuan Anh; AL-Tamimi, Saleh Karamah; ... more authors 2014ElsevierArticle
    The extent of segmental reporting and its value relevance: cross-country evidence  Mardini G.H.; Tahat Y.A.; Power D.M.2018Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Article
    The governance of religion and law: Insights from the prohibition of usury  Neuwirth, Rostam J.2014Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation JournalsArticle
    The gut microbiota and developmental programming of the testis in mice  Al-Asmakh, Maha; Stukenborg, Jan-Bernd; Reda, Ahmed; Anuar, Farhana; Strand, Mona-Lisa; ... more authors 2014Public Library of ScienceArticle
    The Hadrami Diaspora: Community-Building on the Indian Ocean Rim Leif Manger. New York: Berghahn, 2010. 220 pp.  Abushouk, A. I.2013John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.Book Review
    The impact of charges in force field parameterization for molecular dynamics simulations of deep eutectic solvents  Garcia, G.; Atilhan, M.; Aparicio, S.2015ElsevierArticle
    The impact of islamic criminal law on the Qatari penal code  Hassanein A.S.2018Brill Academic PublishersArticle
    The impact of mechanically-imposed shear on clogging, fouling and energy demand for an immersed membrane bioreactor  JuddS.; OdaiA.; BuzatuP.; QiblaweyH.2018MDPIAGArticle
    The impact of metal inert gas welding on the corrosion and mechanical behavior of AA 6061 T6  Mahdi, E.; Eltai, E.O.; Rauf, A.2014Electrochemical Science GroupArticle