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AuthorNdoye, Abdou
Available date2015-10-21T06:58:28Z
Publication Date2013
Publication NameJournal of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness
CitationNdoye, A. (2015). "Promoting Learning Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education : Factors of Success" Journal of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness, 3(2), 157–175
AbstractThis article presents results of a study on factors that contribute to successful learning outcomes assessment practices. This qualitative study uses the case study method to analyze factors of success in higher education programs. Interviews of faculty members reveal that factors such as communication, implementing assessment as a change initiative, and using a learning community approach are identified by study participants as the main facilitators of success.
PublisherPenn State University Press
SubjectFaculty engagement
Subjectlearning outcomes assessment practices
TitlePromoting Learning Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education : Factors of Success

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