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AuthorAl-Attiyah, A.
Available date2015-12-08T11:08:18Z
Publication Date2010
Publication NameInternational Journal of Learning
CitationAl-Attiyah, A. Academic procrastination and its relation to motivation and self-efficacy: The case of Qatari primary school students. (2010) International Journal of Learning, 17 (8), pp. 173-186.
AbstractAcademic procrastination seems to be prevalent in academic settings where students tend to delay their tasks without valid excuses, submitting their assignments until the last minute before the deadlines. Research has shown that 30-40% of the students consider procrastination a critical problem that hinders their personal and functional balance. This is particularly critical for elementary school children some of whom might choose to delay performing many school assignments until the last minute which elevates their stress levels, and might have a negative effect on their educational performance and psychological state. This study is an attempt to understand "Academic Procrastination" and its relation to 6th graders' motivation and perceived self efficacy beliefs. Qatari primary 538 students completed an Academic Procrastination Scale, an Achievement Motivation Scale, and a Self-Efficacy Scale. Findings revealed gender differences in Academic Procrastination for males, differences between high and low Academic Procrastination in achievement motivation and Self-Efficacy for low students with Academic Procrastination. ? Common Ground, Asma Al-Attiyah.
PublisherCommon Ground Publishing
SubjectAcademic procrastination
Primary students
TitleAcademic procrastination and its relation to motivation and self-efficacy: The case of Qatari primary school students
Issue Number8
Volume Number17

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