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    Variability Of Wind System And Its Expected Effects On Oil Slick Movement In The Arabian Gulf  El Gindy, A.A.H.; Sabra, A.F.1992Qatar UniversityArticle
    Variation Of The Electrical Properties Of Manganese Thin Films With Deposition Conditions  Al Houty, L [لطيفة ابراهبم الحوطي]1989Qatar UniversityArticle
    Vegetation Changes in the Long Abandoned Farms in Qatar  Ahmed, Abdulla Ahmed1984Qatar UniversityArticle
    The vegetation of the state of Qatar as related to landform and soil.  Babiker, A. A.1990Qatar UniversityArticle
    Vertical Distribution And Inter-Relations Of Oxygen And Nutrients In The Arabian Gulf And The Gulf Of Oman In Summer  El Samra, M. I. [محمد ابراهيم السمرة]; El Gindy, A. A. H.1990Qatar UniversityArticle
    Vibrational Analysis Of TaBr5  Nour, E. M. [المتولي السيد نور]1987Qatar UniversityArticle
    Viscosity Of Hydrocarbon Liquids Saturated With Gas  Al Harbi, Dulaihan K.1995Qatar UniversityArticle
    Viscous Behavior of Dilute CMC Salt Solution Before and After Photodegradation  El Ashhab, F. [فتحي الأشهب]; Sheha, L. [ٍالبني عبد العزيز شيحا]; Sheltami, R. M. [رشا محمد الشلطامي]; Feituri, Z. M. [زكريا الفيتوري]2006Qatar UniversityArticle
    Vitamin - a and limb regeneration in stages of the egyptian toad, bufo regularis Reuss-histological study  Michael, M. I. [ميلاد اسحق ميخائيل]; El-Mekkawy, Desouki A.; Sayed-Ahmed, Abdulla A.; Mahmoud, Gamal A.1995Qatar UniversityArticle
    Volatile Components of the Phaeophyceae Hormophysa cuneiformis Growing Along Qatar Coasts  El Hattab, M.; Al Easa, Hala S.; Tabaries, Annie; Kornprobst, Jean-Michel; Piovetti, Louis2007Qatar UniversityArticle
    The Voltage Collapse Problem Based On The Power System Loadability  Alammari, R. A.1997Qatar UniversityArticle
    Voltage Stability Margin Identification Using Local Measurements And Linear Kalman Filter  Alammari, R. A.2002Qatar UniversityArticle
    Warming up for athletic events  Hussain, Helmi1985Qatar UniversityArticle
    Water Conditions And Proline Content In Shade And Sun Plants  Batanouny, K. H. [كمال الدين حسن البتانوني]; Hassan, A. H.; Abu Sitta, Y. M.1984Qatar UniversityArticle
    Water Quality Of The Area West Of Karak City, Jordan  El Nakhal, Hamed A. [حامد احمد النخال]; Ashour, Mohamad M.1986Qatar UniversityArticle
    Water Relations Of Some Woodlice (Oniscidea) From Arid And Mesic Environments  Constantinou, c. [س .كونستانتينيو]1987Qatar UniversityArticle
    Weed Communities Of Date Palm In Eastern Arabia  Shaltout, K. H. [كمال حسين شلتوت]; El Halawany, E. F.1992Qatar UniversityArticle
    What is Graph Theory?  Al Wahabi, Kais A. [قيس الوهابي]1982Qatar UniversityArticle
    When in Rome.., aspects of Cross-Cultural communication.  Walton, David J. A.1982Qatar UniversityArticle
    Whole-rock powders and their analysis by an electron mocroprobe technique  Al Mohandis, Ahmed A. [احمد عبد القادر المهندس]2001Qatar UniversityArticle