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العنوانالمؤلفتاريخ النشرالناشرالنوع
غرامة التأخير على المدين الموسر في المصارف الإسلامية القطرية
Alternative Title: Delay Penalties on Affluent Debtors in Qatari Islamic Banks: A Study in Theory and Application

بردن, سعيد محمد عزيز2019Master Thesis
The Perceived Store Authenticity: A New Retailing Concept  Al-Kilani, Shaymaa M.2019Master Thesis
The Effects Of Social Media Influencer Attributes On Collaborating Brand Credibility And Advocacy  Al-Qatami, Masa Mustafa J M2019Master Thesis
The Effect Of Message Lexical Concreteness On Customer Inspiration: The Moderating Roles Of Product Category And Regulatory Focus  Sinno, Maha Bilal2019Master Thesis
Examining The Effects Of Parasocial Interaction And Identification With Social Media Influencers On Collaborating Brands  Aljafari, Dalal2019Master Thesis
Environmental, Social And Governance Disclosure And Profitability: Gcc Banks’ Comparative Study  Abdulbasith, Abdulahad2019Master Thesis
إختصاص محمكة العدل الدولية بإقرار تدابير مؤقتة (قضية قطر ضد الأمارات نموذجا)  المري, ميثاء طالب المحنا2019Master Thesis
Discrete Element Modeling Of Railroad Ballast Under Simulated Train Loading  Alabbasi, Yahia Abdulnaser2019Master Thesis
Genome-Wide Association Study (Gwas) To Uncover Genetic Risk Factors Associated With Low Bone Mineral Density And Osteoporosis In Qatar Population  Younes, Nadin Nagy2019Master Thesis
Profiling The Salivary Microbiome In The Qatari Population  Al-Ahmad, Sara Fahad Mohammed2019Master Thesis
Latent Tuberculosis Infection Among Health Care Workers At The Communicable Disease Center In Qatar: Prevalence And Determinants  Alismail, Khalil2019Master Thesis
الخطاب المقدماتي في كتاب (كليلة و دمنة) لعبدالله بن المقفع  عمر, نورا محمد2019Master Thesis
(معجم الشخصيات السردية في كتاب البخلاء(البنية والوظيفة  الغرسي, روعة جاسم الحمود2019Master Thesis
Biological Control Of Mycotoxigenic Fungi And Associated Mycotoxins By The Application Of Bacterial And Yeast Antifungal Compounds  Zedan, Randa H.2019Master Thesis
(جمالية الصورة في الشعر القطري(دراسة سيميائية  العفيفة, نورة طالب2019Master Thesis
Impact Of Gender Related Legal Reugulations On Pursuing Sustainable Development: A Study Of Kuwait's National Development Plan (2035)  Suleiman, Muyassar Marwan H.2019Master Thesis
Inference In The Log-Logistic Distribution Based On An Adaptive Progressive Type-Ii Censoring Scheme  Sewailem, Maha F.2019Master Thesis
Seasonal Variations Of Dinophysis Species And Their Toxins In Qatari Waters, Arabian Gulf  Nasr, Yousef Ashraf2019Master Thesis
Optimizing The Remediation Of Organophosphorus Pesticide Profenofos From Water Using Activated Date Pits: Mechanistic Studies  Hassan, Siham Suleiman2019Master Thesis

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