The Student Contributions community collects the master's theses, graduate projects, and Ph.D. dissertations of Qatar University students. You will find all collections correspond with the QU colleges and the departments within each college.

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The Factors Affect Usage of E-Commerce in the Qatari SMES  Al-Saffar, Mohammed Abdulla2016Professional Masters Project
Assessment Of Turbulence Models For Hydrofracturing Slurry Transport Simulation In Horizontal Perforated Pipe  Youssef, Mohamed Khairy Mohamed2020Master Thesis
Tribo-Mechanical, Biocompatibility, and Corrosion Properties Investigation of Zirconium and SST 304 by Application of Hydroxyapatite/Reduced Graphene Oxide/Palladium-Platinium Nanocomposite Coatings  AlYafei, Huda Fadol S.2020Dissertation
النظام القانوني للمجلس البلدي المركزي بدولة قطر  الهاجري, ناصر محمد ناصر ال حباب2020Master Thesis
Linking Soil Chemical Parameters and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Communities in Qatar  Adenan, Sakeenah Binte2020Master Thesis
Performance Evaluation for the HBVAND HCV Detection Protocols That Are Used By the Medical Commission Diagnostic Laboratory in Qatar  Al-Buainain, Reeham2020Master Thesis
Performance Evaluation for the HIV And Syphilis Detection Protocols Used By The Medical Commission Diagnostic Laboratory In Qatar  Albuainain, Raniya2020Master Thesis
Recognizing Stereotyped Behavior in Children with Autism  Faraj, Ranim Haisam2020Professional Masters Project
Generative Adversarial Networks Based Reconstruction and Restoration of Cultural Heritage  Jboor, Nesreen Hamadallah2019Master Thesis
The Use of Data-driven Quality Strategy to Improve the Processes of Patient Identification and Pre-transfusion Specimen Collection Documentation at Sidra Medicine  AL-ESHAQ, DANA HUSSAIN2020Professional Masters Project
Application of Multi-Criteria Decision Making in Tender Evaluation: A Study Using ANP Model  FALAMARZI, MOHAMMAD HASSAN I M2020Professional Masters Project
Public-Private Partnership in Qatar.  ALKHODARI, EMAN ABDELRAHMAN2020Master Thesis
Color Roles in Apparel Purchase Intentions of Female Consumers: The Moderating Effect of Buyer Personality  LOVRIC, MARIJA2020Thesis
Board structure, intellectual capital, cost of capital and firm performance - A path analysis model  IDRIS, AFTAB MOHD2020Master Thesis
The Impact of Social Media Influencers and Followers' Attributes on WOM and Patronage: A Lesson From Qatari Market  AL SULAITI, SARA MOHAMMED2020Thesis
How Qatar’s Food System Has Impacted By Blockade? A Global Trade and Supply Chain Analysis  Al Abdulmalek, Noora Abdulla2020Master Thesis
Environmental Life Cycle Assessment on Aluminium Production Industries  Al-Henzab, Fahid2019Professional Masters Project
درجة امتلاك معلمي التربية الإسلامية للمرحلة الأساسية في دولة قطر للكفايات التعليمية من وجهة نظرهم  اليربوعي, شيخة جابر علي الفسل2020Master Thesis
The Effect of Using Applied Mathematics Lessons On 7th Grade Students’ Attitudes Towards Mathematics  Al-Janahi, Mohammed Abdulrahim Ibrahim2020Master Thesis
واقع تطبيق معلمي الطفولة المبكرة للتعليم المتمايز في المدارس الحكومية في قطر  العزايزة, منار عدنان حسن2020Master Thesis

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